Handcrafted Curiosities & Jewelry

Everything you see at Odd Fox Design is handcrafted with the idea of preserving the natural beauty of locally sourced, collected findings. Adding a little enchantment to something many people see as “unconventional” and “peculiar” and creating a high quality, one of a kind, piece of art. It’s always been important to me to display my art in a raw, naturally beautiful, and organic manner - as well as making sure everything I use is ethically sourced and respectfully collected. My hopes are to encourage and spark inspiration to find beauty in everything around you, and get those creative gears turning to manifest something unique and magically curious.


 I’m a mother, wife, and a small business owner operating from Middle Tennessee.
Some time ago I found myself starting a collection of deer antlers and taxidermy raccoons - mostly because I just thought their quirkiness was so cool. That somehow grew into having a whole small animal graveyard in my backyard where I would be processing and cleaning bones to get crafty with. Over the years, I’ve refined my “art style” into something beautiful, naturally inspired, and most definitely curious.
I live in Cookeville, Tennessee - which is right smack dab in the middle of beautiful wildlife preserves, waterfalls, creeks, and beautiful primitive trails. As you all can guess, these all inspire everything behind Odd Fox Design Co. Everything I make is organically handcrafted, ethically sourced, and local to my little part of Appalachia.
With being a brand new Mother to my first little person, I focus a lot on everything being naturally scavenged and respectfully sourced. I try to use as little faux anything in hopes of inspiring what can be created with what’s around us. My family is currently on the adventure of minimizing and preparing for the lifestyle change to living tiny!
Feel free to contact me about custom projects and ideas you may have in mind to incorporate something a little more personal to yourself. I’m excited to work closely with anyone in creating something unique that fits any specific idea or look! 

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